Being in the IT field I deal with a constant stream of computers being infected with Malware and Viruses. Here are the tools that I use to clean units and remove malware. I am frequently asked “where did I get this from” and “who does this sort of thing”. Well Malware can come from an application you downloaded piggy backing onto it or it may come from an email or from a rogue website. Basically you can get it from anywhere these days. As for who is doing it-who knows-somebody out there that whats your information-your credit card numbers-your pictures-control of your computer to direct attacks on others-or just maybe they want to turn the camera on and watch you. Strange people. So if your computer is acting just a bit strange-and you will know when it is, kinda like when you sense your car is driving funny, don’t hesitate, get some help. Download the latest and greatest scanning tools and start scanning!

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