Police/FBI malware removal

Dear Infected Computer User,
So you have this annoying virus plaguing your computer screen and you have no idea how to remove it? Don’t be suprised, because the Police Virus is among some of the most notorious and well-known viruses of 2013 plaguing computer users worldwide.
The virus has rapidly spread worldwide to different countries, using different law enforcement agencies as disguises to extort money from unknowing computer users!
This virus should not be taken lightly as it is considered dangerous and must be removed from your system immediately in order to avoid other problems that arise from this virus.
One of the reasons why this virus is considered dangerous is because traditional Antivirus programs often cannot detect the virus and often fail to remove this virus. Instead you often need to pay someone over $100 in repair fees to remove the virus from your PC. But today, there is better, more cost effective solution…